Tuesday, December 22, 2015


What is a conscience? It contains the word science , 
which comes from the Latin word scientia, meaning "to know" or "knowledge."
This is what differentiates human beings 
from the rest of the animal kingdom. 
It is that gut feeling, that little voice (sometimes Big) that comes from within. 
Call it God voice, call it Universal knowledge, 
call it whatever you want, we all have it (well most of us?) 
But do we  always listen to it? Can we even hear it?
Addiction is self-will run riot with blatant disregard for conscience. 
Living in this mode creates soo much pain, 
pain for oneself and pain for anyone who crosses our paths. 
Conscience is like a road sign, if you don't pay attention to it 
you will go the wrong way and may end up on a dead end road, 
or driving off a cliff, or worse, 
driving through the front of someone's nice new house... 
I lived this way for many years and did it because I could numb, 
ignore and forget all the pain that it created 
with the use of drugs and alcohol. 
I no longer have that luxury. So what to do?
Listen to that conscience , that little voice within, it's there for a reason! 
Hear it, make it a Big voice! Do the right thing, always, no matter what. 
Otherwise, I will be creating pain and guilt and shame and anxiety 
that I will always want to seek relief from. 
God's will?
Universal energy source?
I don't know, but it is unique to human beings 
and I'm assuming it's by design! 
I want to remain a human being. 
And I'de like to be a happy one!

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